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Halloween 2014

My dearest friends of the Internet variety,

I had the great pleasure of meeting quite a few of you at Costume College this past August.  Many, many thank yous to everyone who volunteered!

I'm going to start this post with a bit of advice for all college-bound costumers. TAKE STUFF WITH YOU!!!

You will get to your dorm. You may or may not have any space to store costumes or sewing supplies. It doesn't matter. You will make room. You will have a costume to wear for your first collegiate Halloween. Alternatively, should you have brought fabric and notions, you will make a costume to wear for your first collegiate Halloween.

If you, however, do not take my advice, you may find yourself asking/begging your unsurprised mother to please ship your costumes to you.  Expect the following note on the shipping label:

Thanks, mom!

My inspiration for this outfit came from this print from 1909, which I found in my research for Gibson Girl era golfing way back in February in preparation for …