Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I leave tomorrow for A Weekend of Delicate Company, an immersion event being held at a historical home in Missouri.  I'm super excited!  I'm also very disappointed with myself, because I did not make the new dresses I planned to make according to the Epic Master Plan Schedule of Tasks.

I realized sometime between finishing my corset waaay back in January and finishing my hoop skirt waaay back in February (and finishing a petticoat... which I guess I never blogged about.  Sorry about that.  I have been extremely neglectful of this blog.) that I can either focus on school work or on sewing.  When I am occupied by one, I forsake the other (to the detriment of my grades or the progress of my sewing projects).  Since I am a student first and a costumer second, I chose my schooling over my sewing.

Since the AP exams almost a month ago, which was essentially the end of my academic high school career (with the exception of a few essays for non-AP classes), I have had a lot of free time.  In that free time, I could have potentially finished every item on my Epic Master Plan Schedule of Tasks.  I debated doing a monthlong sewing marathon (there were a lot of items on that list), and ultimately decided not to do so because I knew the quality of whatever garments I finished would be very low and the whole endeavor would be a waste of time and fabric because I would not be happy with the finished products.  I'd rather take my time and complete good quality garments without having to adhere to a deadline.  So instead, I read books and relaxed and went to Hawaii with my class and went to graduation rehearsals and got sunburnt and then finally graduated.

I did complete a few smallish projects and do costume-y things (look for more on these in the following weeks!):

  1. 1860s chemises and drawers (I might only have one outfit to wear during the Weekend of Delicate Company, but at least I'll have clean underwear!  I haz priorities.)
  2. Elizabethan Franken-smock and blue linen stays (and my Foundations special studies class)
  3. 1860s skirt (yes, a single skirt! Whoohoo!) and shawl
  4. Prom skirt (and prom photos, because why not?)
  5. Ft. Tejon Civil War event
  6. Bodice block-making
And here's a picture from my recent high school graduation for no other reason than because I think this post needs a picture.

Photo by Mr. Bleimeister
I have a moderate-sized stash to be used up this summer, so I will have more to post about in the next few months!

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  1. Ahhh, you can do it! Go Adi! Sew like the wind! And congraduations!