Monday, June 30, 2014

Delicate Company - Part 3

The last post about the Delicate Company weekend a few weeks ago will highlight the not-so-delicate aspect of the group.  Note: most (all) of the "indelicate" photos showcased in the post are staged.  There were no laudanum addicts or ladies of the night at the weekend.

When the cameras came out, they came out in force.  Some of the ladies enjoyed bursting into quick renditions of "Lemme take a selfie!" and taking pictures of each other taking pictures (Whoah.  Meta.).

We set up poor Widow Helm as a laudanum addict over the course of the weekend.  Above, she is depicted indulging in the drink (apple juice), a narcotic taken for migraines and hysteria.

Always remember, ladies and gents: shoes before corset!

I will never admit to having any part in convincing the ladies to take this picture.  (Please excuse me while I go laugh evilly in my dark laboratory of indelicacy.)

What finely turned ankles!

Idk, ladies.  Idk.

Mrs. Hamilton is most unimpressed with our shenanigans.


  1. Where did you get those button boots?

  2. For more accurate-looking, -smelling and -tasting laudanum, I'd recommend getting some cola syrup from the stomach remedies section of your local pharmacy, then adding either licorice or anise flavoring, followed by a generous dash of Jack Daniels or a bit of the "Captain". Real laudanum was stuffy and hard to take because it made you gag, hence the licorice or anise flavors. Theoretically, even a seasoned addict might take the time to add their favorite number of drops to a glass of water, then mix, rather than drink straight from the bottle (too easy to drink a lethal dose). you can also have fun complaining about the massive constipation it causes.

    Noah Briggs