Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Delicate Company - Part 2

In my attempts to remain in the immersive experience, I only took photos sporadically.  Which is why I have pictures from the first immersive night and second full day, but not the first full day and second immersive night.  (I specify immersive nights because we ate at a restaurant near the house on the actual first night when we arrived and then hung around in our wrappers while we got to know each other.  Oh, and then, as we retired for bed, the ladies used me as their doll to play dress up.)

On the first night, we did a Jane Austen murder mystery to get ourselves used to being in first person.  It was super fun because everyone already knew the characters we were portraying - chosen randomly from picking out of a hat - so we actually had things to talk about that we thought our characters would be talking about.  (Because the weekend was an event for people who may not have already had a first person impression, most of our attempts to be in first person were stilted at first because we still weren't sure exactly who we were and what we knew about...)  


I was Lady Catherine de Bourgh (which was fun because I was the youngest person at the table and yet portraying the person of the highest age and social standing and I got to sit to the right of the hostess, in the place of honor).

By the time we went outside to take pictures, after dinner and before continuing the murder mystery in the parlor, some of us had already changed into wrappers (or out of her hoops in my case - not  period, but I don't have a wrapper yet and my hoops are huge).  I'm wearing a borrowed dress because I felt that the Right Honourable Lady Catherine de Bourgh would be wearing something much grander than my single blouse and skirt.

Our hostess provided a dress-up box of men's clothing articles for the women portraying male characters at our dinner.  I love how much the ladies got into it.

It rained on and off all day on the second full day.  Which was a bummer, because we had some outside activities planned.  However, it didn't stop our host from surprising us with some archery!  She invited a rangery-dude-of-some-governmental-sort to set up a makeshift range in the house's backyard.

I've never mentioned it on here (that I can remember), but I do archery with my local SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) group when I have a chance.  

Which meant that I rocked the archery.  And it was such a fun surprise because it's something I really enjoy doing!

Look at that focus.  (And that shooting form!)


Historically inaccurate compound bows aside, I think we look awesome.  (Also, remind me to make a belt that has a black lining...)

Some women opted to go inside when it started training again.  Some girls got soaked.  Note to self: don't wear a white Garibaldi blouse in the rain.

All in all, great fun!

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