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Wooded Hamlet Cage Crinoline Kit

I finished my hoop skirt just a few nights ago.  I'm very far off my sewing schedule (thank you, internet) and so I'm absolutely stressed out at the moment in terms of making things.  (But I mended a few things on my Darth Vader gown, which made me feel productive, so yay!)
Like I said in this research post, I used the Wooded Hamlet Cage Crinoline kit.  Most people say the kit is ridiculously hard to assemble, and even the staff at Wooded Hamlet recommended I watch the accompanying DVD several times before so much as starting to construct it.  
The kit has a reputation for being a bitch to put together but being a beautiful cage once complete.  As I have made no other hoop skirts, I have nothing to compare the experience against.  The kit has its tricky moments, but I'm fairly sure all hoop tutorials have their moments as well.  I was surprised with how little sewing the kit requires - I had to attach the buckle to the waistband, finish the bottom of the tapes, and then a…