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Mid-to-Late 19th Century Corset

No Throwback Thursday yesterday because I'm all out of pictures (for the moment.  I'll have to go digging through old boxes to find more).
Instead I bring you: the corset-that-was-supposed-to-be-an-1860s-corset-but-I-changed-it-and-decided-to-make-an-1880s-corsets-because-it's-more-comfortable-and-I-wanted-a-blue-corset-and-I-can-because-that's-the-beauty-of-an-independent-studies-class. 
Do you recall the independent studies class I'm taking this year?  Do you recall that I'm supposed to be recreating an 1860s ensemble?  Good, we're all on the same page.  Adi, why on earth did you a) make an 1880s corset instead of an 1860s corset ('cause there is a difference!) and b) why did you make it blue?!?
Before I get to answer my own question, let me show you my research!  Because researching is fun and it is what I do in my spare time.  
According to a study of Édouard Manet's Nana by Valerie Steele in Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity, custom made c…

2013 Year-in-Review

I took month off from bloggering (yes, bloggering) to focus on finishing the semester and then voyaging to Portugal, but I'm back and very happy to be able to recount the last year of my costuming exploits.  I'm impressed with what I've made in 2013.  Seriously.  I am darned impressed with myself.

This year-in-review covers only what I made in 2013.  It is a celebration of material objects rather than a recollection of all the costume events I went to last year.

I started off the year in January with a 1950s petticoat and circle skirt (the petticoat is pictured here under my yellow circle skirt, haha) just in time for the Steampunk Symposium aboard the Queen Mary.

Then, by March, I finished three outfits for the MSCF Fashion Show, a corset, and a Blingy Necklace.  It's a good thing I'm doing this year-in-review now because I've never posted any photos of the completed necklace.

Sometime by the end of the school year (May), I finished a pair of sterling silver …