Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday

In honor of today being Halloween, I am sharing my very first Halloween costume.  I had never dressed up for Halloween until I went to high school.  My school can't actually celebrate Halloween as a holiday, so we instead celebrate Pumpkin Day on October 31st.  Pumpkin Day is really fun.  Everyone dresses up in costumes, both students and teachers.

Students' costumes range from pop culture figures to visual puns and everything in between.  Some of the more memorable costumes from the past years have been the royal wedding party from the year the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married, zombie Disney princesses, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Snape, Harley Quinn, SWAT team members, and the characters from Moonrise Kingdom.  Of course, there is always a number of cats and pirates each year.  (I am guilty of the second.  My friend and I were Anne Bonny and Mary Read in 10th grade, but I don't think we ever decided who was who.)

The teachers usually have a theme for their department.  One year, the science department wore red t-shirts with Star Fleet insignias on the front like Star Fleet uniforms, but with "expendable" in the Star Trek title script on the back.  Some of the teachers even had their own tricorders or phasers.

Anyway, I got off-topic in the attempt to describe the wonder that is Pumpkin Day.

I designed this costume during one science class during 9th grade.  I don't remember what inspired me to do it, why I wanted to make it, or anything at all that would be helpful in helping me to understand what my thought process was at that time.

I am completely boggled.  I have no idea what the original costume was supposed to be of and I said various different things throughout the day: I drifted from being a coral reef to being the personification of a midsummer night's dream to being a seaweed forest to being the color green.

I didn't even make the costume myself -- I designed it and chose the fabrics, but my mom really did the grunt work.  I was afraid of using my sewing machine at that time.

Throwback Thursday Sum-Up

Age at Time: 14

Costume: I don't know

Event: Pumpkin Day/Halloween

Level of embarrassment (scale of 1-10, 10 being deathly embarrassing): 8

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