Monday, October 21, 2013

Edwardian Hair Attempt

I will start this post by disclaiming that it was really hard to sum up the nerve to post this.  I guess I'm still battling with being afraid of making mistakes (and then broadcasting those mistakes for the world to see.  That's really stressful).

Somehow my tumblr blog and this one have become totally unsynchronized.  Anyhoo, I'm in the middle fulfilling a request for a very brief series (I'm calling it a "micro-mini" series *teehee!*) on tutorials/resources for DIY costumes for Halloween (which might be my favorite secular holiday because YOU GET TO DRESS UP!).  I'm trying to inspire people to add to their existing costumes or to create a whole new one by providing them with resources that will enhance their overall look.  In doing this, I managed to inspire myself to make a new costume.  I was planning on wearing my Lady Vader to school (probably without the bustle, though.  I really didn't want to deal with fitting into desks), but managed to convince myself to make something that would use elements I already have.

It all started when I posted a link to a lovely Edwardian 'do on Locks of Elegance's blog, with the hope of introducing people obsessed with Downton Abbey to period-correct hairstyles.  I'd tried it before with less than stellar results, but decided to revisit Locks of Elegance's tutorials and give her Gibson Girl a go:

This was the result with my first attempt.  No poof at the top at all.  This doesn't look at all like Gibson Girl hair.

Playing around with the poof.  I'm really unhappy with this shape.
Time for another disclaimer: I don't "do" hair.  The most complex thing I can do with my hair is the Gibson Tuck, and that is only for special occasions.  Otherwise, my hair stays in a bun or a braid at all times.  The few times I've worn it down for special occasions have not gone well.

I played around with getting the poof right a few times, but couldn't get the volume or shape I wanted.  Finally I tried rolling my hair and pinning it, which gave me this:

This face is a very accurate description of how I feel about my hair.

What is going on up there?  (I had to photoshop away the giant bags under my eyes. You should be thanking me.) 

I was not impressed.  It looked crazy-big and uneven, and not at all the shape I wanted.  But hey, it looks good from the side!

This is my "attempting to exude elegance" face.

Then I realized that, if all goes well, I will be wearing a hat.  Enter stage left a random hat that was close at hand:

Hmm, meh.
I haven't actually decided yet how I will decorate the actual hat, if at all, which will depend on how I wear it, which will influence how I style my hair.  So, for the moment, the hair does not actually matter.

Of course, all the playing around with the hair made it voluminous (what I try to avoid), but it struck me as really '80s (1980s, that is -- you can never be too careful around historians!) so I know what I will do next time I'm invited to an '80s party.  Er, 1980s, that is.

Thanks for reading!  Any suggestions you may have on how to improve my Edwardian floofy-ness is appreciated.

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