Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Edwardian Hair Attempt #2

I bought some hair rats the other day at a beauty store nearby so I could experiment a bit more with Edwardian hair before Thursday.  

This first hair style is supported with two longish rats that are placed around the head with one in front and one in back. 

The second style I tried uses the same two longish  rats, but they are connected in a U-shape and placed towards the back of the head.  The forward poof is just from curling my hair back on itself and pinning it.

Frankly, I'm not impressed with either style just yet.  I don't think either looks natural or at all like anything from the period.  I keep reminding myself that I'm going to be wearing a hat all day, so it doesn't matter too much, but the perfectionist in me doesn't like the reminders.

As for actual sewing, I have quite a lot to do.  The bodice needs finishing; the sleeves need to be finished and attached; the collar isn't even fully cut out yet; the belt is cut out, but needs to be constructed; my old skirt needs a few new hooks; the parasol covering is cut out, but not sewn; and the reticule is just a figment of my imagination at the moment.  Oh, and the hat is only half-done.  I have a lot to do in only two nights!

I'm being very ambitious, but I hope that I can do enough tonight that I will only have to do hand sewing/finishing tomorrow.

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