Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CoCo 2013 -- The Work (that's a terrible title, by the way)

CoCo has a special exhibit where people may display any of their works.  I took more pictures in that one room than I did at the entire event, so I decided to whittle it down to the absolute bare minimum of things that really stood out to me.

Apparently, I was so focused on the work that I forgot to make a note of who made what.  If you recognize something, please, please, please tell me!

This is a detail of a Rapunzel from Tangled cosplay.  The embroidery on the gown in the movie has gaps, so the costumer included them in her gown.  (That, by the way, is one of the things I love about cosplayers: the extreme attention to details that I think most people would probably not even notice)

This is a cute muff idea.

My goodness, the beading on this is intense.  (Also, I think this might be Lynn McMasters's.  It certainly looks like one of her new Regency hat examples.)

The floral arrangement on this is perfect and balanced with the lightness of the straw hat.

Suddenly, I want my own light blue/lilac late Edwardian corset.

It's soooo preeeeeeetttttyyyyy.

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