Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CoCo 2013 - The People

Aha!  I found the cord for my camera, so I can finally post my Costume College pics.  I'm going to divide it into three posts - the people, the work, and the experience - so you're not completely overwhelmed with all the pictures at once.

People at CoCo are awesome.  With very few exceptions, they are all friendly, welcoming, and very easy to talk to -- and, they all like costumes!

Disclaimer: I am terrible with names.  If you see yourself or a friend nameless below, please introduce yourself in the comments!  (Also, if you are uncomfortable with your picture being online, let me know and I will remove it.)

Samantha's bathing/swimming dress!


L-R:Lauren,  Sarah, and Rebecca

Huh, she seems familiar. (Photocreds to Lauren, I believe)

Yeah, this is my "new" mix-n-match Steampunk.  I've actually worn it a fair amount of times, but never seem to have my camera with me when I do.  (Photocreds to Lauren, I believe, if I am recalling correctly.  Ah, the dangers of posting several months late.  Darn that pesky lost cord!)
From this point forward, most of the pictures are from the Gala, and a lot of them are candids.  Just a warning.

on the "red carpet"

This picture was really to get the back of Lauren's dress, but look into the background at all the people to get an idea of how hectic and awesome the event was.


Sarah's Tudor gown (this picture is not doing it justice at all.  It's really quite amazing).
The Gala itself was ridiculously loud.  I normally carry around earbuds in my everyday purse, and I was so thankful that night that I had moved them into the bag I was using that day.  The following three pictures are all taken from where I was sitting.

Fancy dress goldfish, I believe it was.  Again, one of those dresses you can't experience from a picture.  I loooooved the sequins/rhinestones/didn't-get-close-enough-to-see on her bodice.

Why, yes.  I am a fan of black and white stripes.  (I had my fingers crossed that she would meander my way so I could get a picture of her. Oh my goodness the pleating!)

Heh heh.  Love this picture.  These two women (Natalie, on the left facing forward and I'm-so-sorry-but-I-forgot-your-name! on the right facing backward) were actually sitting across from me at the Gala.  Bluuuuuuuue gowwwwwns.

There is nothing about this costume that it not mind-bending-ly awesome.  That is all I have to say.  I tried to take a few pictures of the details, but they came out too blurry.

Rebecca's 17th century gown (that shade of burntish-orange is hereby officially added to my favorite colors)

L-R: Merja, Elisabeth (anyone know if she has blog and what it is?), and Jen

Bearing in mind that it was really loud and I could barely hear anything, I believe she said that Natalie Meyer, CoCo's 2013 dean made this dress.  

I have a photograph of some alumnae from my school wearing very similar outfits, in their silhouettes at least, so I was really excited to see this.

She's so cute!  A bit of snooping led me to her blog.

So pretty.  This is the same person from several photos above, who had her back facing the camera.  Her dress looks so delicate.

I kinda gasped aloud when I saw this gorgeous bustle because it reminded me so much of  the gown in this inspiration post.  I think I like these colors a lot more, however.  Red and black is a striking combination.

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  1. The girl in the bathing dress is Samantha Crumb.
    I LOVED your Darth Vader bustle dress by the way!