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Bustle Picnic

Prepare for yet another "event" post!  There hasn't been much time for me to make things, but I finally have something to wear to events, so there might be more event write-ups in the future than clothing write ups.

This particular picnic was in mid-September (it was hot).  It was held by the HCA at a park with a lake, so it was quite picture-esque (and the pictures I took would have been very lovely had I positioned myself so that the modern cars were not visible in the pictures).  Since the HCA is mainly a Civil War civilians reenacting group, the bustle gowns there were a mix of 1860s dresses modified to bustle and 1870s/80s dresses that were actual bustles.  I would not have been able to tell that that 1860s dresses were, in fact, 1860s dresses had I not seen them just a few weeks earlier as 1860s dresses at a reenactment (which you will never see pictures of, by the way.  I look horrible).

A simple picnic is never a simple picnic.  Everyone brought blankets and tabl…