Bustle Era Underwear

In this post, I talked about the construction process of my bustle.  I now present the entirety of my bustle-era underwear.  When I say bustle area, I mean 1870s-1880s excepting the few years in between that constitute the Natural Form era.  The set includes a modern sundress that screams "CHEMISE!", a pair of historically correct cotton drawers (from a Simplicity pattern), my only wearable corset, and my bustle.

The sequence of photos was taken as I took off layers, so I should warn you: the pictures get progressively sillier as pieces come off.

The dog in the photo was not staged. He's a bit of a love-bug and a major attention seeker, so when he saw that I was standing still for more than a few seconds while my sister took some pictures, he came over and sat down.  I, being a sucker for the puppy-dog eyes, obligingly pet him.

Obviously, being an underbust, the corset provides little in the way of supporting my bust.  I wear a sports bra with it to achieve the correct (or a close-enough to correct) silhouette.

In the interest of full disclosure (because telling you about the bra I wear was apparently not personal enough), I am wearing bike shorts underneat my drawers and chemise because the drawers are historically accurate.  That is all I am saying.  If you do not know what a historically accurate pair of drawers constitute, look it up.

I found this chemise at "Thrifty Thursday," a shop-and-swap-esque event at my school that takes place around Earth Day.  Whoever donated it must have thought it was a modern day dress.  I pity the fool - she lost a wonderful chemise, with lots of lace inserts and all covered in pintucks.

At the conclusion of our little photoshoot, my sister *cough* stole *cough* my bustle, turned it into a hump, and started quoting Richard III.


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