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Lady Vader Cosplay Part I

Comic Con is over now, and I am sad.  But also happy because I can now show you the costume that I have been working on.  I think I'll do a "whole costume" post (Part I) and then a "details/construction" post (Part II) when I finally get around to taking pictures of the details.  And then maybe a "Comic Con: The Experience" post.  Eh, maybe not.

But first, some background: I had the idea of doing a steampunk or Victorian Darth Vader floating around in my head.  Sometime in January, I came across an ad on the local Steampunk group/forum/page/whatever-you-want-to-call-it asking for people interested in being part of a steampunk Star Wars cosplay group at SDCC.  Since I knew the woman who posted the ad from some of the panels I went to at Comikaze last year, and since I already had the idea floating around my head, I messaged her that I was interested.  Long story short is that I created a Lady Vader steampunk cosplay that I debuted with a group of other…

Singing and Bustle

About a week ago, I started a lobster-tail bustle that I thought I would have finished in a day or two.  How very wrong I was.  I certainly could have finished it in a day or two if I had chosen to actually work on it.  However, I chose to read instead, because after all, summer vacation + books = happy bibliophile.

When I did finally get back to working on the bustle, I decided to add ruffles.  It's fairly common for most lobster tails or similar bustles to have a ruffle or flounce on the bottom, but I for some reason decided to add a ruffle above every boning channel, presumably to help hide any lines from the bones, but really because I had a lot of the fabric I was using and I felt like practicing hemming.  No, seriously!

I should mention that this is entirely a stash project.  The fabric, a synthetic weave of bright yellow and an ugly dark green that comes together to make a very pretty green, is left over from the 1920s dress from the fashion show.  The boning channels are m…