Friday, June 28, 2013

A Bit About The Name

After the fashion show so many months ago, I told myself I would put sewing aside until summer break so that I would be able to concentrate on my schoolwork.  This was a total lie.  I did not put my sewing aside because I had no time -- I actually had a surprising amount of free time ("surprising" is an extremely relative word here).  Neither did I put the hobby aside because I was low on materials.  I have built up my previously nonexistent to a moderately small stash, the kind where I would have just enough of a scrap of fabric to make something small out of if I so chose.  The true reason I did not sew anything during the months between March and June was because I was afraid.

Like most humans (this is where my sister would gasp to hear that I am indeed admitting I am human.  Good thing I'm fairly sure she does not read my blog), I am afraid of making mistakes.

The fear of cutting into a fabric to make something, the fear of the project not coming out right, the fear of not being happy with the end product -- together, these fears made me forget the message behind the name of my blog and even the reason that I blog.

Last August, when I created my first blog on Tumblr, I wanted to name it something not necessarily memorable or that would become a brand, but rather something that truly describes me and the purpose of my blog.

I thought about it for a bit: I am an amateur.  Only in recent years have I considered myself an artist in addition to an academic.  I want to market to people like myself: creative young minds that do not have years of experience in their respective fields but are nonetheless doing what they can with what they have.  

With that, I wanted something that would reflect the philosophy that you do not have to be a professional to be a creative.  That someone with only basic knowledge of crafting can be inspired to give it their all.  I can be creative, despite my basic-ness.  I have basic creativity.  No, that implies that my creativity itself is basic.  How about: basically, I'm creative.  It indicates that my creativity is a fundamental part of my being, which is true, but also indicates my inexperience.  I am basically creative.  I am Basically Creative.

And thus was born my first blog.  When I decided to move to Blogger, the blog name basicallycreative was already taken so I tacked on a "me" to the end of it, but kept "Basically Creative" as my name.  However, now I realize that the "me" added hastily to the end of the name is actually a perfect fit.  This blog is about my efforts to express my creative and interests using the resources I have at my disposal in order to inspire others like me, who are afraid of starting a project, who are afraid of making mistakes, to go ahead and start that project and look past making a mistake.  I am adding that little "me" into my name.

It's not about making a perfect reproduction of an 1880s bodice.  It's about using what resources you have available to give it your best shot.  Who cares if the shoulder seams are not period?  Who cares if your stitching is crooked and you don't have an interlining or even a lining?  No one!  Because this is not about being perfect.  It's about loving something so much that a lack of experience and materials cannot stop you from trying.  And with trying, comes learning.

I can hardly expect myself to learn if I do not even try.  And with that breakthrough, I hereby pledge that my fears of making mistakes will not stop me from trying.  And I pledge that I will expand this lesson to other reaches of my life.  I've always wanted to learn ballroom dancing.  Why should I let my embarrassment about my coordination (or lack thereof) stop me?

To conclude this post, I'd like to share again this picture taken at the fashion show.  It depicts me and three of my closest friends wearing clothes and jewelry that I made.  I'm not happy with all the clothes in that picture.  But I am proud of myself for making everything that I did make.  And I am so honored to have friends that were willing to model the clothes for me and forgive the ill-fitting and uncomfortable outfits that I put them in.  They really made the whole event worth it.

They forgave my high pH (haha!  Science joke!) and allowed me an opportunity to express my love for historic costume.

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  1. I completely understand the feeling of being afraid to mess things up. Every time I finish sewing something I see mistakes, no matter how slowly and carefully I worked. I won't even wear most of the stuff I sewed last year because it's so awful.

    I was quite surprised to read this. You have sewn such a large quantity of stuff! You seem quite fearless compared to Slow, Picky, Fussy Me. I haven't sewn a complete outfit or costume of any kind.

    Perhaps it's a good thing that students like you and I cannot afford super high quality materials. I imagine that they would be even harder to cut into.