Monday, May 13, 2013

The Semiformal dress is done! (only about three months late)

I have such mixed feelings about this overbust corset.  On the one hand, I love it and it's beautiful and everything I wanted it to look like.  On the other hand, it doesn't fit me.  It's just a bit too big and too low in the bust.  That will teach me to always make a second mockup!

It looks good on my dress form, so there it shall stay until summer.  This summer is going to be full of C's: sewing for Comic Con and Costume College.  And college touring, which is another C but sadly does not involve sewing.

The fashion fabric is from the remnants bin at my local fabric store.  It's a herringbone-knit-metallic type thing that I fused to black coutil with an iron-on adhesive like Wonder Under or Stitch Witchery (can't remember which).

I am totally in love with the trim.  Reminds me of Art Deco.

The corset is fully lined -- or as much as I could line it seeing as I forgot to add extensions to the pattern for the lining.  The fabric is a beautiful icy blue from the remnants box at my local fabric store (I love that box.  It's the first place I look whenever I shop there).  That awkward piece of fabric blocking the lacing is a boned modesty panel.

Tada!  Here it is on Louisa.  Please ignore the fact that the skirt is the absolutely wrong shape for it.  I was experimenting with layers of petticoats.

Just the facts ma'am (stole that from Her Majesty the Dreamstress -- maybe I'll enter this in the Historical Sew Fortnightly, Challenge #4, Embellish?):

Fabric:  Black coutil, gold metallic knit, light blue cotton
Pattern:  Seriously mutated Simplicity 9769.
Year:  2013, so not really historical, but inspired by general Victorian corsetry and 1920s Art Deco
Notions:  Evil metallic thread, busk, spring-steel boning, purty lace
Historical accuracy:  Haha!  None.
Hours to complete:  Twenty?  Maybe more?  Probably more.
First worn:  March 3rd, for the fashion show

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