Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Graduation shoes

So, graduation is about... hmm... let me think... thirteen months away?  Whatever it is, it's never too soon to start thinking about shoes.

Our school has a lovely and simultaneously horrible tradition of requiring students to wear a white gown to graduation.  I do not mind this (there's soo much you can do with white that does not look bridal -- Regency dresses, Edwardian dresses spring to mind, though they merely represent a fraction of beautiful white gowns in the realm of historical fashion), however I do mind that all the dresses have to be the same, which means that no matter the style of dress chosen, it will not look good on somebody (aka me).

However, her grace the American Duchess has provided a silver lining to the whole situation:  her new Highbury Regency flats look enough like modern flats that they would complement the graduation dress, but are actually based on numerous extant Regency shoes (okay, I made that up, but knowing Am. Duch.'s eye for detail, it's probably true), which means that I could at least pretend to be wearing some beautiful white Regency gown at graduation.

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