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Fashion Show

I have practically no pictures of the construction of these dresses, mainly because I was rushing to put them together quickly.  Anyway, here is a post of the fashion show and some "behind-the-scenes" moments.
The first dress was in the "Old Jazz" category.  You can read about my original inspiration for this dress here.  It went together (from the fabric being cut out to completion) in just a few days.  I like the fabric color (though it doesn't show well in photographs), but next time I will use a different kind fabric for this style dress.  I also would tweak the top a bit.

This next dress did not get an inspiration post written about it because it was a relatively late addition.  Interestingly, it was the first to be finished.  Her skirt petticoat is actually my 1950s petticoat and her hat is the pillbox I made for my mother.

Finally, this dress, which started out as the Marie Antoinette/Lady Gaga one, turned into a study in pink.  Supporting her skirts ar…