Thursday, March 14, 2013

1860s dress -- the search for the elliptical crinoline

This has been sitting around as a draft for several months now.  I don't remember where I was going with it, but might as well post it because, hey, pretty dresses! 

This might be the time to mention that I got a Pinterest.  

I normally keep track of inspiration pictures for the various projects I want to do by saving the picture to a folder on my desktop (and I have a lot of them, with names like "steampunk star trek," "tudor costume," "Edwardian," "thor saque," "darth vader bustle dress," and "ballgown/tardis dress" -- that should give you an idea of the projects I have lined up for 2013).  However, I rarely make a note of where I found the picture.  Hopefully, with Pinterest I will be able to keep track of where my inspiration is coming from and be able to clear up my desktop at the same time.  This also allows me to consolidate all my project inspiration photos, for both hobby stuff and school stuff.

American visiting dress, 1863-1865.  Via: the Met.

Visiting dress, 1863-1865.
American dress, 1863-1866.  Via: the Met.

American promenade dress, 1862-1864.  Via: the Met. 
Promenade dress, 1862-1864.

American evening dress, 1855-1858.  Via: the Met.

Evening dress, 1855-1858.

American dress, 1850s.  Via: the Met.

Dress, 1850s.

American ball gown, c. 1860.  Via: the Met.

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