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Historical inaccuracies

In which she attempts to pass off Elizabethan undergarments as Georgian.  And uses a sewing machine, while she's at it.

Both patterns are from the Elizabethan Costume webpage, which is an excellent resource for all things Tudor or Elizabethan.  I used the smock pattern generator and the custom corset pattern generator for the Lady Gaga/Marie Antoinette inspired outfit for the fundraiser fashion show, which is in a week.

I made the smock rather short -- it only comes down to my model's mid-thigh -- and I haven't hemmed it yet.  The smock pattern generator was extremely useful and I cut out and sewed it the pieces together in just a few hours.  It was the first time I've ever done anything pieced like this, with gores and gussets, and so I was worried that I would have a lot of trouble putting it together.  Fortunately, the instructions were very clear and made the construction quick and easy.  My only troubles came with the choice of fabric -- it's very flimsy and s…