Sunday, January 27, 2013

Behind schedule, but getting there

First, allow me to introduce the project.  In early March, three of my designs will be featured in a charity fashion show, along with several other student designs.  I've briefly touched upon this fashion show before, so I won't go into much detail here, except to say that due to monetary concerns, I had to give up my two "Punk Rock" designs.  I'm rather upset about it, so I hope my other three designs will go well.  Yes, you heard correctly: three designs.  I had a last minute addition (before I had to drop the punk rock designs).  It's a vaguely 1950s designs in the Hip Hop/Pop category, like the Marie Antoinette/Lady Gaga dress.

Because of what fabrics I had already, I started with the bodice of the new design.  Okay, that's a lie.  I actually didn't work in it at all.  I started by adjusting the corset from Simplicity 9769 to an overbust for myself for my Semiformal dress.  The first mockup came out too big, the second waaaaayyy too small, and the third just a bit too small (even for a corset).  With less than a week to make the entire corset, I gave up and wore a lovely back-up dress to the dance instead (I had a lot of fun, by the way.  I played 20 questions with my friends and then chatted about Marvel Comics, architecture, and Steampunk).  Fortunately, I realized that the third corset mock up would fit my friend who is modeling the new 1950s-eque design for me.  I had her try it on when I saw her at school and we had a good laugh about it.
Sorry about the cell-phone pictures.  I forgot my camera.

I need to take a bit out of the bust and out of the hips.  I'm using denim for the base fabric and zip ties as boning.
I'm behind schedule, because I would have liked to have the skirt and the fashion fabric for this cut out and stitched today and because I haven't actually worked on my school work yet tonight.

But hey, at least I updated!

Also: I will talk about the skirt and petticoat I was going to use for Semiformal soon. 

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