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Halloween 2013 Sewing

This post was scheduled to go up over a week ago, but I probably messed up setting the date and time, so here it is now!

I don't have many pictures of the in-process construction of my Halloween costume because I finished it a mere six-ish hours before I had to wear it the next morning.  (Yeah, it was like that.)  "Finished it" is very relative in this sense.  The blouse is fully wearable, complete with closures, but the belt had to be safety-pinned closed.  As I learned from a friend at CoCo over the summer, you do not need closures for something to be "done."

No pictures of the mockup, unfortunately, since the ever-wonderful sister that normally acts as my photographer was comfortably reading in bed and could not be moved.

I have discovered the secret to watching movies or television while working: the program has to be something I already know by heart, so that I do not spend more time watching than I do sewing.  I also finally got smart and raised the table…

Halloween 2013

All those "Edwardian Hair Attempt" posts were not in vain!  I finished my Halloween costume on time and enjoyed very much wearing it to school for Pumpkin Day.
Prepare yourself for pictures.  Lots of 'em.  And most of them are silly.

The next post will (hopefully) be a bit more serious.

A huge thank you to my wonderful friend who took these pictures for me!  I'm sorry I can't take serious pictures sometimes, but they came out beautifully.

Bustle Picnic

Prepare for yet another "event" post!  There hasn't been much time for me to make things, but I finally have something to wear to events, so there might be more event write-ups in the future than clothing write ups.

This particular picnic was in mid-September (it was hot).  It was held by the HCA at a park with a lake, so it was quite picture-esque (and the pictures I took would have been very lovely had I positioned myself so that the modern cars were not visible in the pictures).  Since the HCA is mainly a Civil War civilians reenacting group, the bustle gowns there were a mix of 1860s dresses modified to bustle and 1870s/80s dresses that were actual bustles.  I would not have been able to tell that that 1860s dresses were, in fact, 1860s dresses had I not seen them just a few weeks earlier as 1860s dresses at a reenactment (which you will never see pictures of, by the way.  I look horrible).

A simple picnic is never a simple picnic.  Everyone brought blankets and tabl…

Bustle Era Underwear

In this post, I talked about the construction process of my bustle.  I now present the entirety of my bustle-era underwear.  When I say bustle area, I mean 1870s-1880s excepting the few years in between that constitute the Natural Form era.  The set includes a modern sundress that screams "CHEMISE!", a pair of historically correct cotton drawers (from a Simplicity pattern), my only wearable corset, and my bustle.
The sequence of photos was taken as Itook off layers, so I should warn you: the pictures get progressively sillier as pieces come off.

The dog in the photo was not staged. He's a bit of a love-bug and a major attention seeker, so when he saw that I was standing still for more than a few seconds while my sister took some pictures, he came over and sat down.  I, being a sucker for the puppy-dog eyes, obligingly pet him.

Obviously, being an underbust, the corset provides little in the way of supporting my bust.  I wear a sports bra with it to achieve the correct (…

Lady Vader Cosplay Part II -- The Bodice

Last I wrote was post-SDCC and I only gave you a brief overview of the entirety of my Lady Vader costume.  Now for some details!
I started with a Civil War (1860s) bodice pattern, Simplicity 3727.  I only used the bodice part of the pattern.  I did not use the giant pagoda sleeves.  Instead I drafted my own fitted sleeve pattern with this tutorial from The Curious Frau.  One thing to note about the sleeve tutorial: by "fitted," she means that the sleeve cap does not have to be gathered or pleated to the armscye (there's a word I'll never be able to pronounce!), not that the sleeve itself is shaped/fitted.

I'm fairly pleased with this pattern.  This is the first time I've made a bodice that needed to be fitted, so I approached the mock-up with a fair amount of trepidation.  I ended up taking out a fair amount at the shoulder seam on the back, a bit on the waist at the side seams, and then some length-wise on the back  because I have an short torso.  There'…