Sunday, December 9, 2012

Costume ideas -- Lady Gaga/Marie Antoinette dress

This is number three of a series of posts about various costume ideas I've thought about.  There is no rhyme or reason to the order I am posting these.  I don't have many sketches yet, but I've been collecting "inspiration" images from the internet.  I will try to give credit where credit is due.


Every other year, a student-led charitable fund at my school puts on a fashion show as a fundraiser to raise money to donate to organizations in Los Angeles that help underprivileged girls.  The fashion includes designs by students that are modeled by students.  

I am looking forward to participating in this event as a designer.  I have enlisted a few of my friends to be my models.  I haven't gotten any information yet about limits to the number of deigns we can make or what our budget is, so I went ahead and started brainstorming dresses according to this year's theme "Fashion through Music."  The five categories we can choose from are: hip hop/pop, indie/folk, old jazz, disco, and punk rock.

This is the general idea for "hip hop/pop" inspired dress: underbust corset over a leotard with hot pants in either a pastel or a hot pink -- I haven't decided yet, so it might depend on what I can find.  The skirt would be cut to reveal a hoop skirt underneath.  I'm mainly looking at contemporary artists like Lady Gaga for inspiration...  but I'd like the overall outfit to mock some of the outrageous Georgian styles of the 18th century.  Kind of like what would happen if Marie Antoinette met today's designers and gave birth to some crazy gaudy fabulously over the top creation. 

Her dress in the picture above is where I got the idea for a revealed hoop skirt, though it's not an original idea by any means.

I'm also deciding between a round hoop skirt and panniers.

I love the decoration on her skirt in the picture above.  Love in the "that is so gaudy, I love it!" sense rather than the "I would totally wear that" sense.

I like that contraption on top of Lady Gaga's head.  I'd like to make a crazy headpiece reminiscent of the giant Georgian hairstyles... 

Finally, here is a very basic concept sketch for this dress:

I am not much of an artist when it comes to drawing.  The main purpose of these sketches for me is to allow me to put down a couple of ideas before I forget them... which is the for sketches like this anyway?

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