The bling necklace -- materials

This is a post about the materials/construction of the bling-y-est necklace that was every blinged.  To see all of them, follow the "Blingy Necklace" tag at the bottom of this post.

First, every chain mail necklace needs jump rings.  A lot of jump rings.  Close to 500 of them.  I am making them all by hand (ie, wrapping the wire around a dowel, cutting the coils).  I think I had 281 of them at the last count.

I bought four different kinds of chain.  Three of them are pictured here and the other is a ball chain, which came in a package and is not very interesting to photograph.  Unlike the chain you can get at a fabric store (or at least the chain that I got at the fabric store), these are actually metal -- I got them at OSH, which was one of the few times that OSH has worked better for me than Lowes.

The charms are triangles cut from sterling silver sheet metal.  I used a thicker gauge than I normally do when I make jewelry because I do not want these to bend.  I will texture them with stamps later and then darken/polish them to bring out the texture.

It's hard to saw and take pictures at the same time!  I used a scrap piece of silver sheet...
This might be the closest I come to a "mockup."  I was playing around with the placement of the triangle charms.  Props to Newby for recognizing the Star Fleet insignia (Star Trek), which I decided to add as an homage to my geekitude.  I cut it from a ridiculously thick gauge of sheet metal -- I broke so many saw blades before I remembered to bring out the thicker saw blades!
I soldered jump rings to the triangles to complete their transformation into charms.  I hoped that I could make the entire necklace without soldering once, but that was not to be.


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