Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Costume ideas - TARDIS ballgown

Okay, so contrary to what I just posted, I actually have a bit of time to blog.  I should be doing my french homework, but we are going to overlook that fact for now.

This will be a series of posts about various costume ideas I've thought about.  I don't have any sketches yet, but I've been collecting "inspiration" images from the internet.  None of these images belong to me.   I will try to give credit where credit is due.


I have never quite gotten into the idea of dressing as the TARDIS.  It's not as much the cosplay itself that irks me but the fact that the way most people choose to represent the TARDIS is by wearing a dress.  I'm going to be a total hypocrite now, because I would like to cosplay the TARDIS as, you guessed it, a dress.  A ball gown, no less.

It started when I saw this green and black dress from Sally C Designs in a Google Images search for "victorian ball gown."  I'm a sucker for bustles and I absolutely adore this one.  I was "in the market" for ideas for a ball gown, believing -- as every girl does -- that I should have at least one ball gown in my possession.  Since I have limited funds, I try to think about the ways I can use the same skirt or the same dress for multiple outfits, just as I do with my muggle clothes.  Since the folds of the green part of the bustle reminds me of the square panels and windows on the TARDIS, I decided to go with a blue bodice and overskirt, with a black underskirt.

But since I want to be able to use the skirt with the most number of outfits that I can, I think I will also make a day wear bodice to match the skirt.
I like the above pattern from Truly Victorian, which has options for both an evening bodice and a day bodice, but I would probably (attempt to) modify the evening bodice to have the shape of the bodice from the TV pattern below.  Unfortunately, TV prices are out of my league (I'm a high school student. Everything is out of my league).   
I know I want the bodice to come to a point at the bottom the front and at the top in the back, like this striped ball gown from the American Duchess

The following are among my favorite TARDIS dresses.  I like these more than the average TARDIS dress (look up "TARDIS dress" in a Google Images search -- the majority of them have the same look) because they embody the TARDIS in a more interpretive and less boxy/literal way.

The first, from Steampunk Fashion, is a Simplicity pattern that I have been seeing everywhere.  Everywhere.  Nonetheless, I like how indirect of a this TARDIS is.  Few would realize that it is a TARDIS cosplay.

The next one, from Mayfaire Moon, is just too cute for words.  More obvious that she's a TARDIS, and I have been seeing lots of TARDIS bustiers and corsets, but I like this one because I feel it has a more unique design.  It's also visually more interesting.

These next two are my favorites of them all.  Steampunk TARDIS is author J. M. Frey, but the picture is from GeekGirl Magazine.  I absolutely love this.  It's Steampunk, it's creative (I love the "Pull to Open" sign as part of the bolero), and I especially love the attention to detail (her underdress matches the color scheme of the inside of the TARDIS).

Police TARDIS is from Janey-Jane.  I love her interpretation of the TARDIS as what it is -- a police box!  A police uniform is creative, and it also makes the most sense for a police box.

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