Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Modern petticoat

Woohoo!  Exams are done and I am free for a few weeks!

Here's what's on the agenda for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I have to do over my break:

  1. Get out to the Garment District downtown and get LOTS of fabric
  2. Make a dress for Semiformal (which is the first school dance I will ever attend, so I'm kinda freaked)
  3. Make various outfits for five of my friends who will be my models for the FASHION SHOW in March
  4. Clean up the Lady Mother's old machine that has been sitting in a garage for a good twenty years
  5. Make a dress for Sister Dearest (she has been insisting upon it for months, yet she doesn't want to go fabric shopping with me)
And yet, I'm going to make a modern-style petticoat to go under a long circle skirt that is in my possession (you may recognize it from one of my steampunk outfits).  Strangely, I have no pictures of the entire skirt without something obstructing it, so you will have to enjoy this one.

I just love showing off my shoes.
  1. I was browsing the web for "50s petticoats" because the design for my Semiformal dress is vaguely inspired by the 1950s (but that's another blog post that has yet to be writ).  I came across this tutorial from Sugardale
  2. The Lady Mother is purchasing new curtains for the living room, so I came home one day to find the old curtains in my fabric scraps box.  The curtains are a gauzy brown.  One panel is fine, but the other has rips and tears.
  3. I am going to a ball (a holiday party) at my friend's house over the weekend.
Cool tutorial + gauzy fabric + ball = petticoat for my skirt.  I'm not sure if I can get the entire thing sewn in a couple days, but I can try!

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