Friday, December 21, 2012

Modern Petticoat Progress -- Sewing

Allow me to begin this post by saying that if I had a great deal of patience and a longer attention span, I would be done with this entire skirt by now.

The first thing I did after I cut out all the pieces was to take a break, which ended up lasting several hours.  But, once I got myself back to Brunhilda, I made some moderate progress.  I started by sewing together all the strips in each tier.  Then I added a casing for elastic to go through on each of the top tiers.  I made the casing by hemming along one edge with a really wide hem and leaving some space free to add the elastic in when I'm done.  I also went ahead and hemmed one of the middle tiers, which will become the bottom tier of the shorter petticoat.  

Tomorrow I will work on gathering each piece and sewing it all together.  I foresee myself doing a lot of mind-boringly repetitive sewing.

Let's think about this:  I have to gather 10 yards of fabric for the bottom tier and five for the middle tier, but I have to do that twice, so it adds up to a total of 20 yards to be gathered.  Gathering means that I will have to make two rows of gathering stitches, so 40 yards of sewing.  Then sewing the tiers together is another 20 10 yards, so 60 50 yards total.  And I will probably secure them with a zigzag stitch and a mock flat fell seam, so that adds another 40 20 yards to bring our total to 100 70 yards of sewing to do tomorrow.

ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY YARDS OF SEWING!?!?!?!?!  Tomorrow will certainly be an interesting day.

Ten yards of fabric to become the bottom tier. 

I'm getting better at French seams.  Ignore the random dot -- it's on a piece of paper behind the fabric.

Everything in neat little piles, ready to be sewn tomorrow.  The bottom tier was too much yardage to even attempt to fold.

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