Saturday, December 22, 2012

Modern Petticoat -- Done!

I finished it with time to spare!  Now I can concentrate on hair, makeup, and accessories.

Recap: going to a ball *cough* holiday party at my friend's house *cough* tonight.  Found a great petticoat tutorial here.  Had a lot of fabric and some time.  Decided to make a petticoat for my yellow upholstery skirt (see it in action here).

I thought I would have to do 100 yards of sewing, but I realized I had done some of the math wrong, so it would have been 70 yards instead.  However, I decided not to mock flat-fell the seams of the tiers in the end, so the total yardage was 60 yards.  I finished a spool of thread (in its defense, it was not a new spool).  I realized that I go through brown thread faster than any other color.

I was surprised to find that the gathering and pinning was much more difficult than the sewing.  It was very time consuming to gather and pin so much fabric.  I did it while watching a few episodes of Merlin with my sisters.

I wasn't as surprised to find that the petticoat is not very effective for poofing out a heavy skirt like my yellow one, which is made of upholstery fabric.  This fabric of the petticoat is from a curtain -- it's meant to drape nicely rather than hold a shape and be supportive.  It looks fluffy on it's own, but only fluffs out the yellow skirt slightly.

** I apologize for the blurry photos.  I will try to retake them at the earliest convenience for all involved.**

The longer petticoat.

The shorter petticoat on top of the longer petticoat.  This is the only way for the yellow skirt to have any poof at all.

Sans petticoats.

With both petticoats.  The resulting poof is hardly noticeable.

Sugardale's tutorial was great for helping me to figure out the measurements of my petticoat.  I didn't follow all of her instructions to the letter though, mainly because I am too lazy to go out and buy ribbon.  To hem the longer petticoat, I used the finished side of the curtain.  On the shorter petticoat, there wasn't enough finished curtain side to use as a hem so I simply used a rolled hem to finish it.  Also, to finish the seams, I used a zigzag stitch rather than ribbon.

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