Inspiration for the bling-y-est necklace that has ever been blinged

Whoa.  I haven't done a jewelry post in a while.

I think the last thing I posted about was my steampunk eyepatch?  I have since finished the eyepatch, but need to add or fix some little things, which will take some time as I get the supplies I need.

The next project I am tackling is either my "chain mail necklace" or my "bling necklace" or the "bling-y-est necklace that has ever been blinged," depending on how you see it.

The idea for this necklace effectively starting sometime last May.  I knew I wanted to do a collar necklace similar to the type that the Egyptians wore, but with more metal (cause I'm taking a metals class, not a beading class) and more stones.  My original idea was to have a couple of panels, each with a number of large stones set on them, connected by a chain mail jump rings -- kind of similar to the inlaid collar below but mixed with more chain mail.

Inlaid collar
Etsy reproduction.

And then I met the gals of Damsel in this Dress (and their Facebook and their blog) at Comikaze back in September.  I am perfectly okay with shamelessly promoting them like this.  They create amazing corsets that are unique and recognizable as theirs, which is surprisingly hard to see.  Every time I see one of their corsets cross the blogosphere I smile.  I am always happy to support family-run small businesses.  But anyhoo, getting back to the story.  My sister and I stepped into their booth in the Exhibition hall at Comikaze to do some slobbering over their gorgeous corsets, though we were not shopping.  Somehow, I ended up talking to the fabulously spunky Michelle, the owner, about something to do with scantily clad women at cons.....?  I'll let that sink in for a moment.  As I was talking to her, I could not help but admire the chunky necklace she had on and wondering if I could make something like that.  A few weeks later, when I was revisiting the idea of making a collar necklace, I remembered Michelle's necklace and decided I wanted to make my necklace as blingy and over the top as hers (and I say blingy and over the top in the best way possible here -- just look at the pictures!).

Moderate bling.
I think that was when I decided to go the whole chain and charms route.

I will be following the instructions to make this necklace for the actual chain mail necklace part of the collar, which I've been referring to as the base...
This is the very first concept sketch I made just to get an idea of what I wanted the necklace to look like (update: helpfully annotated, but not as great quality)
I made this sketch once I found what materials I wanted to use.  The charms and chains are placed less randomly to reduce the bulkiness of the necklace.  (update: helpfully annotated, but not as great quality)
Follow the journey of this necklace by selecting the "Blingy Necklace" tag!


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