Sunday, December 9, 2012

Costume ideas -- Punk Rock

This is number four of a series of posts about various costume ideas I've thought about.  There is no rhyme or reason to the order I am posting these.  I don't have many sketches yet, but I've been collecting "inspiration" images from the internet.  I will try to give credit where credit is due.


Every other year, a student-led charitable fund at my school puts on a fashion show as a fundraiser to raise money to donate to organizations in Los Angeles that help underprivileged girls.  The fashion includes designs by students that are modeled by students.  

I am looking forward to participating in this event as a designer.  I have enlisted a few of my friends to be my models.  I haven't gotten any information yet about limits to the number of deigns we can make or what our budget is, so I went ahead and started brainstorming outfits according to this year's theme "Fashion through Music."  The five categories we can choose from are: hip hop/pop, indie/folk, old jazz, disco, and punk rock.

I am doing two "punk rock" inspired outfits, one dress and one androgynous ensemble.  The dress outfit will be relatively simple.  I think the defining characteristic for both outfits will be the little details that make it more than just clothes.  What I mean by this is that punk is a subculture, just as hipster, goth, and lolita are.  While a non-hipster might dress like a hipster for a costumed event and thus see the outfit as a costume, hipsters see what they are wearing as clothes.  The challenge here is to assemble clothes in a way that is recognizably punk but without turning it into a costume or offending anyone. 

With that in mind, here is my idea for the dress: red plaid corset/tank-top-type-thing with pointed/triangular panels on the hips that stick out, a worn black band shirt underneath, a raggy skirt with different fabrics and textures, and possibly a blazer absolutely covered with studs.  

For the androgynous ensemble, I want to find some bright pants, crazy studded/buckled boots, and a leather jacket or vest that I will stud and patch the bejeezus out of if need be (I'm seeing a trend here with studs, are you?).  I will probably go through my friend's stuff for the accessories because she has the awesomest things.

Anyhoo, here are some pictures.

Studded and patched leather vests and mohawks.
Goth? Punk? A little bit of both?  Who cares, I love their boots.
This right here is the inspiration for the androgynous ensemble -- I especially love the pants.
Her plaid tank top is the inspiration for the tank top corset of the dress ensemble. 
Green Day
I love how I can tell that this is at SDCC just because of the font on the sign to the left of her elbow.

Classic punk rock.
Kind of cyberpunk, but I might do something like this for one of my model's hair.
This is the inspiration for the skirt.  Imagine something very similar, but with much darker colors and maybe not as long.
And finally, here is a picture of the concept sketch for the dress ensemble.  Sorry it is blurry -- I took the picture with the camera on my computer.

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