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Holiday Ball -- or party, depending on who you ask

The Holiday party was probably the most fun I've had with my friends in a while.  We made sure to take some pictures before everyone starting trickling away, but I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I expected to.

The bling necklace -- materials

This is a post about the materials/construction of the bling-y-est necklace that was every blinged.  To see all of them, follow the "Blingy Necklace" tag at the bottom of this post.
First, every chain mail necklace needs jump rings.  A lot of jump rings.  Close to 500 of them.  I am making them all by hand (ie, wrapping the wire around a dowel, cutting the coils).  I think I had 281 of them at the last count.

I bought four different kinds of chain.  Three of them are pictured here and the other is a ball chain, which came in a package and is not very interesting to photograph.  Unlike the chain you can get at a fabric store (or at least the chain that I got at the fabric store), these are actually metal -- I got them at OSH, which was one of the few times that OSH has worked better for me than Lowes.

The charms are triangles cut from sterling silver sheet metal.  I used a thicker gauge than I normally do when I make jewelry because I do not want these to bend.  I will textu…

Inspiration for the bling-y-est necklace that has ever been blinged

Whoa.  I haven't done a jewelry post in a while.
I think the last thing I posted about was my steampunk eyepatch?  I have since finished the eyepatch, but need to add or fix some little things, which will take some time as I get the supplies I need.

The next project I am tackling is either my "chain mail necklace" or my "bling necklace" or the "bling-y-est necklace that has ever been blinged," depending on how you see it.

The idea for this necklace effectively starting sometime last May.  I knew I wanted to do a collar necklace similar to the type that the Egyptians wore, but with more metal (cause I'm taking a metals class, not a beading class) and more stones.  My original idea was to have a couple of panels, each with a number of large stones set on them, connected by a chain mail jump rings -- kind of similar to the inlaid collar below but mixed with more chain mail.

And then I met the gals of Damsel in this Dress (and their Facebook and thei…

The Lady Mother's Pirate Costume

The Lady Mother is off on a cruise right now.  Right before she left I whipped up a pirate costume for her to wear on the cruise's "pirate night."  It was a combined effort on both of our parts to cut and sew the fabric in time for the cruise.  The Lady Mother did the cutting and some of the pinning and I did most of the sewing.  
The entire costume is straight from Butterick's B3906.  I've only ever done the dress for it before, as an underdress for my steampunk Irene Adler costume.  The entire costume was extremely easy to throw together.  I'm sure that someone working diligently could make the whole thing in just a few hours.
I had intended to tailor the vest to fit better because the vest looked huge once the Lady Mother  upscaled it to fit her, but after a few tries and fails, I gave up so she wore it without any tailoring.  It ended up fitting rather well around the body, but the shoulder straps did not stay up.  However, I looked at some reviews of th…