Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wire Sculpture

Wire sculpture.  I got the idea from a spoon I saw once.  The spoon was bent into a turtle shape, with the legs, neck, and tail folded underneath.  I tried to recreate the general shape here, but in a different medium (wire).  The tails weren't long enough to fold under, with led to the raised body you see here.

I used 16-gauge (I think -- I don't quite remember) sterling silver wire for the skeleton of the legs, tail, and head, and then a much smaller gauge for weaving the beads onto them.  The shell part is copper sheet metal soldered to a sterling silver bezel.  I drilled holes into the top copper piece for the wire of the shell to go through.  The beads are whatever I found in the bead box that I liked.  They're mostly glass.

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