The orange skirt is made from sheer fabric we have lying around the house.  I have no idea how we came to have so much of it.  Anyhoo, I cut two half circles and sewed them together (you can see how it makes a circle skirt).  Making a circle skirt is relatively easier than making a skirt with rectangular panels because you don't have to gather at the waist or deal with sewing many panels together.  Though I do have to say, I found this to be difficult because of the length of the bottom hem (the circumference of the larger circle) and also because, according to my sister, this fabric is very prone to ripping, so I was taking care to treat it gently.

Since the fabric is sheer, I made sure to get an underskirt at Goodwill.  I took this picture after I ironed it, and let me just say that ironing it made the biggest difference.  It doesn't even look like the same skirt anymore.

 Here's a pic from Comikaze of the skirt and underskirt with the overskirt and bag.


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