Friday, November 23, 2012


Sterling silver bezel, backplate, and ring shank (the part that goes around the finger.  I had no idea it's called a shank...).  Turquoise stones (ha! Finally I know!).

Inspired by the turquoise jewelry of the Navajo.  I used straight stamps to texturize the backplate and shank.

I am really happy with how these came out.  I really achieved the look I was going for and the only mistakes are technical ones.

I set the bezels too close together, so the solder ran up the sides, which means I can't close the bezels fully around the stones, as you can see in the first picture.

I also stamped a bit too hard a bit too close to the edge on the backplate, so it make a weird kinda dent on the edge, which you can kinda see in the second picture.

I could not for the life of me get the ring shank to be the right size.  I knew I wanted the ring to sit in the middle, so it had to be on my middle finger.  I made two ringshanks.  The first one was too big, so it became a different ring.  The second one was too small, and I could not upsize it enough.  Finally, someone had the idea to cut the ring shank, open it, and then solder it to the backplate.  That person is a genius and deserves a medal and most definitely was not me.

Also, rather stupidly, I decided to test a stamp on the ring shank OF THE FINAL PIECE.

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