This started life as a long skirt from Goodwill.  It was too big for me around the waist, so I took it in by putting some darts in the back and adding a waistband.

I stuck some small tabs in the waistband so I can hang accessories (chains, ray guns, etc.).  These ones began as small strips of fabric around three or four inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.  Fold a strip over like double fold bias tape so that there are no raw edges, starch, press, and sew down the open side.  Then, pin them to the skirt and sew over them when you add the waistband.  I pinned them in such a way that the two sides that make the loop were next to each other, but you could do it any number of ways.  Just be sure that the raw ends are tucked nicely into the waistband before you sew.  That way, the yucky ends are hidden and the tabs are secure!

I also created bustles by pleating the skirt along the side seam that already existed and sewing them down.

My grandmother has collected buttons from various projects for well over fifty years.  I found these brass-colored plastic ones in her amazing collection and "aged" them using sharpie and nail polish remover.


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