Cast silver, beads.

This was my first attempt at cuttlefish casting, which is really easy and I highly recommend.  It's relatively quick and it gives the piece a unique texture (that I tired to capitalize on).  The one downside is the smell.  Burnt fishbone smells gawd-awful.

I emphasized the texture by placing the pendant in a sulfur solution to darken it, then using a piece of steel wool to polish the raised bits.

I also made a clasp for this necklace, but it got corrupted when I put it in the pickle because some stupid idiot thought it would be a great idea to stick a penny in the pickle pot.  (A pickle pot is a heated pot, normally a crock pot, containing a slightly acidic solution that cleans a metal piece after it has been soldered by removing some of the flux and oxidation.  The first rule any one learns about using a pickle solution is to NEVER, under ANY circumstance, put something other than copper tongs and your piece in the pickle pot.  A pickle pot will strip the layer of copper off a penny, which is mainly zinc, and the copper will coat whatever else is in the pickle pot.)


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