Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blue earrings

 These are technically part of a set, though I think only because they are all blue stones.

I found the beads of the dangling earrings in my teacher's box of found stuff.  They're not technically beads, but it's easier to call them that.  The top ones look a bit like elephants.  I had to drill two holes in each to wrap the wire through.   I used bronze wire between the beads and silver wire for the smallest ear wires you may ever see me make.  I had to practice wrapping the beads together a few times before I got them to look the way I wanted.  Unfortunately, the weight of the beads makes the earrings too heavy for me to wear. :(

The large stud earrings have two posts on the back for double-pierced ears, like mine.  And, bearing in mind that no two double-pierced ears are alike, I used my own piercing as the model for the distance between each post.  To keep track of which goes on which ear, I cut a small L or R into the back of each.  One of my favorite things about these earrings is that they hide the fact that I've got two piercing which may come in handy if I'm ever in a situation where too many would be inappropriate.

The single, small earrings is only because I like the stone, which has a face carved into it.

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